Friday, June 12, 2009

*New Updates!* Somerset Bay for Kids

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Dress #1
European style Maxi for kids!
Silky material with sweet, small flowers printed.

Pre-Loved Conditon 7/10
Material Satin
Colour Purple
Size Tagged for kids 7-8 years old, but fits smaller sized kids 9-11 years old
Measurements Length 34" Waist 13.5"
Price RM39, original price over RM100
Status Available

Dress #2
Another adorable Maxi dress for kids!
Same material and size as the dress above, just different design.

Pre-Loved Only worn twice
Material Satin
Colour Maroon
Size Tagged for kids 7-8 years old, but fits smaller sized kids 9-11 years old
Measurements Length 33" Waist 13"
Price RM45, original price over RM100
Status Available

*New Updates!* Flower Girl

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Glittery and layered flower girl dress for kids!
Gorgeous gold and silver details, puffy skirt.
Now selling away cheap!

Pre-Loved Only worn ONCE for wedding occasion, like brand new
Material I'm not so sure myself, bridal dress material :)
Colour White with gold and silver linings
Size For kids 10 -12 years old
Measurements Length 30" Waist 14" (waist adjustable by sash)
Price RM38
Status Available

A big Thanks to ThriftBook for their wonderful review!!


SOLD Trenchcoat

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ELLE Paris Trenchcoat up for grabs!
Can be worn alone or as a coat.
Very comfy material.
Clincher does not come with dress but is included ya :)
Goes great with you tall and lanky ladies!

Brand ELLE Paris
Pre-Loved Condition 7/10
Material Cotton
Colour White with red buttons
Size Fits UK8-12, larger cutting
Measurements Length 35" Waist 14"
Price RM35
Status Sold

*New Updates!* Office Lady Dress

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Look IN at your office, not BORING!
Suitable to be worn to office, quite warm material.
Turtleneck and Sheer sleeves too.

Pre-loved Worn not more than 5 times, good condition
Material Cotton for the top, chiffon for sleeves, velvet for skirt
Colour Black
Size Fits UK4-8
Measurements Length 32.5" Waist 13"
Price RM38
Status Available

*New Updates* Vintage Long Dress

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Very vintage, very stylish.
Even very feminine!
The dress clings to your body at all the right places, so ladies who has curves, flaunt it with this dress!

Brand new Super good condition
Material Soft polyester
Colour As picture ya
Size Fits UK4-8
Measurements Length 35" Waist 12.5"
Price RM40
Status Available

*New Updates!* Just Do It!

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Authentic Nike Long Sleeve Tee
Suitable for sports or casual wear!
Great condition!

Pre-loved Worn once only
Material Cotton and spandex
Colour Red and warm grey
Size S, Stretchable, therefore fits UK6-10
Measurements Length 22" Waist 14" Sleeve length 25"
Price RM45
Status Available

*New Updates!* Jeans Skirt

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The jeans skirt has real beautiful details at the pockets.
Nice shade too!
Zoom in for clearer view ya :)

There is a minor defect at the side non-functional zip area. Not noticeable though.

Color true to this pic.

Pre-loved Worn not only twice, a little loose for me.
Material Good Jeans Material. You'll know once you feel it :)
Colour Refer to 3rd pic
Size Fits lower waist 30" to 32". Slight larger cutting.
Measurements Length 11.5" Waist 15.5"
Price RM32
Status Available

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Announcement

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There will be more updates tomorrow night!!

Collections include
OL dresses and Somerset Bay dresses for kids!

Do stay tuned as we bring you more brand new and pre-loved goods at the best quality, best style and best price!

Sweet Cupcake


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The first thing you will notice about this dress is it's very puffy sleeves! Something special for you to add into your collection babes :)
It can be worn as a dress for petites or as a top for long-legged gals.
p.s. Clincher not included ya.

Pre-loved Worn ONCE
Material Stretchable cotton
Colour Ultramarine Blue (Slightly darker than pic due to flash)
Size Fits UK6-10
Measurements Length 31" Waist 15"
Price RM40
Status Sold

*New Updates!* Starry Starry Night

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The V-neck sequined details is absolutely gorgeous!
Flaunt your sexy shoulders girl!
Brand new and still tagged.
Smocked back.

Brand new Worn only for trying purposes
Material Stretchable lycra or soft cotton? I'm not very sure bout that too. Something in between.
Size Fits UK6-10
Measurements Length 34.5" Width at joining 11.5"
Price RM52
Status Available

*New Updates!* Blinged Classic

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A perfect dress for your evening dinners or parties!
Check out the bling-blings and classy shade of teal!
Smocked back ya.
Quality and style guranteed :)

Colour true to this pic ya.

Brand new Worn only for trying purposes
Material Chiffon
Size Fits big UK8-12 (A little loose on our model)
Measurements Length 33.5" Waist 15"
Price RM55
Status Available

*New Updates!* Babydolls

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Dress #1
Cute two-piece babydoll dress with cute bow details :)
Inner and outer layer attached, stretchable material.
Diagonal lines makes you look slimmer and taller!

Dress #2
I just heart the color of this dress!
It is highly stretchable, suitable for larger sized gals too.
The puffy sleeves adds some sweetness to it too :)
p.s the color is actually a slightly darker shade of pink and the blue has a hint of greenish hue. The color differs a little under flash.

Dress #1
Pre-loved Worn lightly, still in good condition
Material Stretchable soft cotton
Size Fits UK6-12
Measurements Length 30" Width at joinings 12.5"
Price RM29
Status Available

Dress #2
Pre-loved Only worn once, good condition
Material Stretchable soft cotton
Size Fits UK6-12
Measurements Length 29.5" Width at joinings 14"
Price RM29
Status Available

Bargain : Buy both for RM53 only!! (not including postage)

*New Updates!* Flower n Art

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Dress #1
Empire cut Low V-neck dress
Great quality stretchable material, beautiful eye-catching prints!
p.s. Never worn but tag cutted away

Dress #2
Good cutting and prints like flowers drawn onto the dress. Truly a piece of art!
Can be worn with or without a clincher. (Clincher not included)
Will look great on you tall chicks!

Dress #1
Brand new Only worn for trying purposes
Material Good quality Lycra (Stretchable)
Size Fits UK6-10
Measurements Length 30.5" Waist 10.5"
Price RM40
Status Available

Dress #2
Pre-loved Only worn ONCE
Material Cotton and Spandex
Size Fits UK8-12
Measurements Length 34" Width at joinings 13"
Price RM40
Status Available

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thx for review from : I Love you, NOT !

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We've been reviewed by How To Vogue :)

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Thanks babe Your review is just fabulosa!



SOLD Tunic Dress

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Wear it as a dress for you petites or as a long top with leggings. Your choice :)
The buttons are functional, and can be unbuttoned all the way from the top to bottom.
Note: clincher and bag not included ya.

Brand new Only worn for trying purposes
Colour Navy blue, white polka dots
Material Cotton and linen
Size Fits UK6-10, cutting rather big but meant to fit loosely
Price RM45
Status Sold

SOLD Give Me Zara

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This sexy yellow short-sleeve top spots a dramatic plunging back and loose draped neckline. It is kinda a combination of halter and tee. Grabbed it at Singapore's Zara without much thinking, therefore ended up not wearing it as I find it a little loose on me. The next owner will be a real lucky girl no! Fitted and sexy, this dress is perfect to dance the night away at your favorite club!

Brand ZARA
Brand new Superb condition
Colour Yellow
Material 100% Rayon
Size USA S, Fits big UK6-10
Price RM59 RM45!! decided to let go at a cheaper price. More than 50% of the ori price! *steal it!*
Status Sold

Thanks for review on this top by Apple to my Eye!


SOLD Forever 21 Diva

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With flash,

and without flash.

I apologize. Picture with model not taken very clearly cause of the rush of posting it up. :/
Nonetheless, this top will do great for those night outs. Glimmer under the flashy neon lights and bring out the diva in you!

Brand Forever 21
Brand new Only worn for trying purposes. The colour is pretty, but doesn't look nice on me, I don't know why!
Colour Pink Fuchsia (colour true to the one without flash)
Material 100% Polyester
Size S but Fits UK6-10
Price RM39
Status Sold

Friday, June 5, 2009


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Off-shouldered, but with a twist! :)
Unleash the playful and sexy side of you!
Pair it up with cute accessories and you're off to go~

Brand new Never worn except for trying purposes. Too tight for liking. Perfect for petites!
Colour White and light blue stripes
Material Stretchable Cotton
Size Strictly XS, maybe a small S
Price RM22
Status Available

SOLD Oreo And Cream

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There's just something special about this dress. It's great cutting accentuates your curves and tiny waist. The top's unique cutting is meant to hide your flaws around your side bust, and the triangular cutting around the waist gives an illusion of a longer waist! Smocked back with a pretty tied-back sash too. Classic!

Brand new Never worn as I have a few similar dresses, not much occasion to wear so why keep it right?
Colour Cream and Black
Material Thick cotton
Size Fits UK4-8
Measurements Waist 13.5", Bust 17.5", Length 27.5"
Price RM 50 (Bought at RM60++ at Sunway)
Status Sold

Our First Review by Thrift Book!!!

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Thanks lotsss for your wonderful review


Stay tuned for more sweeet updates!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

SOLD Black Delilah

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A lovely off-shoulder LBD, simple but certainly not plain.
Look elegant in it but still oh-so-sweet!
Inner layered for better comfort.

Pre-loved Worn only once
Colour Black and flower patterned with eyelets
Material Cotton
Size UK4-8
Price RM39 (bought at RM60!)
Status Sold

SOLD Bubble Gum

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Now this is one of my favourite piece! A little reluctant to sell it at first, but since I'm not wearing it, well..... now it's officially up for grabs!

Made of saree silk, it is stretchable, silky and very soft to touch. The quality is superb, i assure you! It is a halter top with a dangerously low bare-back, together with compartments to insert bra pads. That is, you don't need to wear a bra with it. It goes with the casual look or even the evening dinner look. Ain't the polka dots just lovely?

Brand Phenomenal (local designer brand)
Pre-loved Worn once, Very good condition
Colour Blue with slight greenish hue
Material Saree silk & linen
Size Fits UK6-8
Price RM40 (bought at RM89, now more than 50%!)
Status Sold


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Unique puffy sleeves design with a dash of simplicity acutely describes this cute turtle-neck top.
It is made of good quality thick, stretchable cotton that keeps you warm.
Not recommended to be worn on those scorching hot days though. :)
Goes with any bottoms from denim minis' to fashionable high waisted skirts!

Pre-loved Good condition (Worn only once)
Colour Warm grey (truer to the 2nd pic)
Fits UK6-10
Price RM25
Status Available

Checker Up

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Brand new Tube dress
Colour Red, maroon, yellow stripes
Size Fits UK 4-8
Material Cotton
Price RM29
Status Available

Double Delight

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Spotted recently on Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, looks like the black leather boots are still a fashion assesory after all! A basic black boots simply brings out the edge of the simplest outfit without much effort.

Therefore, we bring you a black faux leather mid-calf boots with smocked details. The heels are only about an inch tall and the cutting is slim as you can see from the pic. It won't look bulky on you, so don't worry! :) Not recommended for fussy buyers though, as there are some minor scratches on the heels. Not visible unless you look really closely. Oh ya, it's comfortable to walk in too.

The double-layered top is up for grabs too.
The pastel colour combination is really sweet, no?
Complimented with pretty beads and sequins details,
at a low price! Steal it!

Pre-loved Good condition (Worn 5 times tops)
Colour Black
Material Faux leather
Size 36, fits Vincci size 5 (length 25cm)
Price RM22
Status Sold

Pre-loved Good condition
Colour Pink and yellow (true to 1st pic)
Material Soft sheer cotton
Size Fits UK6-10
Price RM15
Status Available


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